Emotional Literacy

Social Literacy

Moral Literacy

Political Literacy

Educational Literacy

Literacy: - Communication skills. Read, research and evaluate information. Discuss ideas and justify opinions.
Numeracy: Basic skills, Money.. Interpret statistics.
ICT Skills.
Humanities and Science - understanding of issues that affect individuals and societies.
Creativity & reflective thinking

Democracy - Understand concept. Experience it. Rights and responsibilities. Institutions that should support it. Threats to democracy Civil & Human Rights Awareness of other ideologies. Role of pressure groups Effect of the media on opinion Know how to access information from varied sources.

Understand interdependence. Take responsibility for our effect on the world. Concept of moral dilemmas. Consider ethics of life style decisions. Consider ethics for responsible businesses and careers Have and defend principles or beliefs. Take thoughtful action for justice for others.

Interpersonal skills. Communication skills. Listening skills. Sustain reasoned arguments. Adapt views to accommodate new information. Negotiation and mediation. Able to co-operate for a shared goal. Issues of racism & discrimination. Ability to be assertive. Perseverance.

Climate that enhances self esteem. Supportive ethos. Recognise own feelings. Develop a language to discuss and deal with feelings. Respect feelings of others. Make real choices and decisions. Set & review personal goals. Empathise

Education for Citizenship